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About Us

Pioneer Realty, Inc. opened their first office, located at 713 West Avenue, in November of 1975. Johnnie L. Reeves and his partner were the owners and the only two agents at that time. Pioneer Realty moved to their new office at 1174 North Main in June of 1978 with ten full time agents. In 1981, Johnnie and Linda Reeves became the sole owners.

Pioneer opened their second office located at 3888 Peavine Road in September of 1987, with Broker Steve Robinson, Johnnie and Linda’s son, and four agents. By 1990, Johnnie and Linda’s four other children had become an integral part of the business with Johnny B. Reeves as Sales Manager, Diane Long as Office Manager, Sharon Walker as Accounts Manager, and Travis Reeves as Construction Foreman. Johnny B. Reeves became the Broker of the 1174 North Main Street Office in July of 1991 with a total of ten full time agents.

In 1999, a large addition was added on the office on North Main Street including several new agent offices, a new conference room and a separate and enlarged kitchen. A hip roof was added with plenty of storage space upstairs and the whole exterior was bricked.

Upon the death of Johnnie L. Reeves in September of 2001, the remaining owners, Linda Reeves and their five children, continued on with the reputation Johnnie L. Reeves enjoyed for over two and a half decades in the real estate business.

By 2005, several new agent offices had been added to the Peavine Road Office. In June of 2005, Johnny B. Reeves and Travis Reeves left the family business to pursue other interests and Diane Long became the Broker/Office Manager of the 1174 N. Main Street Office. Steve Robinson remained the Broker of the Peavine Road Office and Sharon Walker continued working as the Accounts Manager.

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